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Proposal Ideas

Out of Town

If you're planning to take a trip together, you can also plan your proposal there as well. A foreign spot to propose can make the entire experience even more exciting and exotic! You can pick a spot that you both enjoy. But keep in mind that vacations can be costly so make sure it's in your budget. A trip to Europe will be very different in price than a trip to the Caribbean, so keep in mind the location and the duration of the trip. You can take any of the proposal ideas, and apply it when you're on this...

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Airport Pickup

If you like to have an audience crowd witness your proposal, cheering you on, giving you lots of energy and support, this is a great idea. This can also be videotaped so that you will have this as a cherished memory to show your loved ones and share together. Have her pick you up from the airport. Either schedule this at a time when you are actually out of town and have her pick you up, or pretend that you went out of town for the weekend (for business, visiting a friend, a relative). When she calls you to let...

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