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Proposal Ideas

Best Things Come in Small Packages

On her birthday or anniversary, you can wrap up many different gifts all of them containing silly and non meaningful items that will make her laugh and wonder how unthoughtful you are. The point is that the gifts go from a very large gift box to the smallest gift box, which is the proposal ring! After each gift she will start wondering where all this wrapping is going to take her. By the time she gets to the last one, she will be shocked and excited! The best gifts really do come in small packages! Again, you can follow this...

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Sports Stadium

Are you or your girlfriend into sports? Was your first date at a sport stadium? Did you meet her at a game? If so, this may be the ideal proposal spot! This can be at a basketball, baseball, or football game. You can surprise her with tickets to a game and during half time or break, you can pop the question. You can propose to her out loud in front of everyone by having the referee or announcer to help you out by introducing you and telling the crowd that you have "something important to say". At that point, you...

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Story Book

If you're into writing and creativity, this is great! You can create a story book through writing or pictures. You can retell the story of how you met and fell in love. You can make it humorous with inside jokes and pictures, or you can make it more serious and emotional. It all depends on your style. You can include your actual proposal in the story book or do it in person once she finishes the story. This is a great gift that she can keep and show to her family and friends for a long time! Of course after...

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Butterfly Message

If she likes butterflies, then this is a great symbol to express your love and commitment to her. Have the cage with the butterflies given to her when she is outside. You can ask someone that she doesn't recognize to deliver the butterflies without saying anything to her. Leave a note on the cage with anything you would like to express to her. You can even write a poem about butterflies and relate it to the love you share with her. After she reads the note, you will appear in front of her on your knees proposing. You can then...

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Anonymous Roses Delivery

This is a very exciting and romantic gesture. Send her a bouquet of roses and have an anonymous note with it asking her to step outside her door or look outside her window. It will be especially exciting for her to receive the roses since it does not have a name that comes with it. The place you will appear proposing to her all depends on what kind of home she lives in. If she has a window facing the outside street, you can have her look outside the window. This will work really well if she has a balcony...

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