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Proposal Ideas

Fake Business Trip

This idea will take more planning and will be more costly because of the plane tickets, hotel and other travel expenses. If that's all in your budget then this can be a very thrilling and fun out of town proposal. Next, you will have to discuss this and get permission from her boss. If her boss agrees to the plan, he will ask her to fly out of town on business. Her boss will also notify her that unfortunately she must go alone because "company policy" does not allow her to be on business with anyone unless they are your...

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Private Hot Air Balloon Ride

Most couples love to go on a hot air balloon ride together! Why not do it for a proposal? It will be exciting, elevating (literarily), and a great view! You can do this as a surprise by blindfolding her, and opening the blindfolds once she is on the hot air balloon. Or you can say you are going for a day of hot air balloon riding but she won't know what's coming! You can even bring music with you to play your favorite song you have together, or your first dance song. When you are on the balloon, you can...

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Limousine Pickup

This proposal can be really exciting and romantic especially if she likes limousines or has never been in one! Limousines can get costly so it's good to do your research to get the best deals. You can have her friends in on this plan by having them call her and pretend that they are going on a limo ride for a friend's upcoming birthday, or a promotion (whichever is most believable). Once the limo picks her up, she will go inside an empty limousine or you can appear inside, your choice. If you decide to not show up in the...

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Wishing Well

If you love the outdoors, nature, and taking romantic strolls, proposing at a wishing well will be a nice idea. Arrange a day to go out walking, or plan a picnic, all near a wishing well where you can both make a wish. After she makes her wish, you can whisper to her, or loudly, whichever is your style, that you want her to help make your wish come true. At that point you can express your love to her or just propose right there. Again, you can make this public by having others present hear your proposal. Or you...

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Write it Out on a Cake

This is another intimate, romantic, and private proposal idea. One night you will cook her dinner at home. When desert time comes, you can have a cake (baked by you or bought from the supermarket) with your proposal written on it. When she sees the cake, you can kneel down and propose. You can fill the room with candles and flowers and even pictures you have from the two of you surrounding the room. You can follow the proposal by having time alone, celebrating, or have friends and family come over to help celebrate.

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