Is gambling addictive?

Gambling in recent years has gone through a transformation and much has been attributed to the online casino. The casino industry is catering to the gambling requirements even in places where it is not allowed and casinos are not legal. Online casinos are fun and the most entertaining way to spend your money. However, where gambling has become easy, there are a lot of other concerns like an addiction. Nothing can be said unless you know what addiction is and how does it work in gambling.

How does addiction work?

Addiction is not alien to gambling but it is not exclusive either. You can get addicted to anything from food to a habit. If you can’t stop consuming a certain food, you can call it an addiction and that’s the same case with addiction where you get addicted to gambling. Many players don’t gamble to win but the buzz that comes with it. When you are gambling, the body releases a hormone called dopamine that creates a unique sensation in the body. Every time you gamble, you get the same feeling and whether you are winning or losing, you will get the tingle. This is what adds to the fun of gambling and especially the fact that there is real money involved and the chances of winning the money.



The first thing in resolving any problem is to make sure that you understand the situation and you can’t beat an addiction unless you know what you are into. Compared to the other forms of addiction, there are no physical symptoms so the only one who can ascertain whether you are addicted or not is you. No one can do that for you so you have to see whether you are spending more time on gambling or not.


When we are talking about addiction, there are a lot of things that come into the picture and the most important thing is to see whether you are ready or not. The resolution requires your dedication and with that, you can’t beat it. You have to ready yourself for the problem.


If you have someone you can trust, relinquish your extra money to them. If there is no money, there can be no gambling however keep one thing in mind that you can’t quit all of a sudden so you will have to make a budget that is inclusive of all of your expenses including gambling.


Assess the budget every month and make sure that you are following it. Try to trim the money that you spend on gambling and dedicate your time to other activities of your life. Pick up a habit to invest your time and don’t exceed the limits.


Addiction depends on how prepared you are and if you are ready to beat it, all it will take is the dedication and strict schedule. Make sure that you follow it to the core.

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